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Introducing Microsoft Copilot

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A personal AI companion

Microsoft Copilot is an AI tool designed to assist faculty members. It utilizes generative AI to help instructors save time by creating lesson plans, quizzes, rubrics, and other class resources while also providing personalized learning support for students

How to get started: Watch our one-minute video showing how to use Copilot or learn more about the features and benefits Copilot at uOttawa. You can also learn more about the tool the Microsoft website

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) guide from the uOttawa Library

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Also, check out the University of Ottawa's guide to generative artificial intelligence (AI), a rapidly evolving field changing how we do academic and professional work. This guide, created by Digital Competency Librarian Mish Boutet, offers detailed resources on the responsible use of generative AI, including popular tools, usage tips, and guidelines for adequately citing these technologies.

Embark on a journey of discovery with the complete guide, delving into the practical and ethical implications of AI at the University of Ottawa and beyond. Uncover the potential of AI in your academic and professional life.

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Services and resources

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Teaching technologies

TLSS offers teaching technologies to organize your course, share content, engage, assess, and follow your student's progress.

Learn more about teaching technologies available


Teacher and adult student computer room

Walk-in lab

The Teaching Technologies Lab is staffed with specialists who offer in-person techno-pedagogical support on all uOttawa teaching and learning technologies.

See lab location and hours

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Training and events

The TLSS offers diverse training activities, conferences, symposiums, all year round. All instructors and TAs are welcome.

Explore training and events on offer

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Orientation Program for New Professors

New to the uOttawa teaching community? Let TLSS help you get oriented to all the services and support available to you—and make connections with your colleagues.

Learn more about the Orientation Program for New Professors

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Guide for new faculty members

Our comprehensive guide for new faculty members is designed to welcome them and help them navigate the exciting but often complex world of academia.

Find out more about the Guide for new faculty members

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Teaching dossier

A teaching dossier is a personal portfolio detailing your teaching and learning journey in higher education. 

Get started with your teaching dossier

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Pedagogical innovation and research

Benefit from the latest cutting-edge research into university teaching and learning. TLSS offers research collaborations, funding, and strategic partnerships for the university teaching community.

Learn more about innovation and research

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Funds and awards

Get inspired by those pushing the boundaries of teaching, and providing an exceptional service to students. From teaching innovation to TA excellence, we recognize and bolster the most impactful pedagogical endeavours.

Learn more about funds and awards

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Chair in University Teaching

The Chair in University Teaching supports innovative projects with a three-year, non-renewable Chairship with an annual fund of $20,000, and one assistantship from the Chairholder's Faculty.

Learn more about the Chairs in University Teaching

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uOCompetencies are a framework of fundamental and transferable skills, a set of personal and professional abilities that enrich students’ learning experience. Learn what they are and how they are integrated into our programs.

Learn more about uOCompetencies

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Program creation and evaluation

We offer a three-step process for program evaluation as a collaborative activity through which our analyst supports your department, faculty or school. We also support faculties for program creation.

Learn more about program creation and evaluation

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Learning spaces and equipment

Take full advantage of state-of-the-art technology in over 280 Registrar classrooms, from built-in cameras, auto-calibrated microphones, simplified touchscreen podiums, and instant integration with Brightspace, MS Teams and Zoom.

Learn more about learning spaces and equipment

Find a classroom using the search tool

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Certificate in University Teaching

This certificate is aimed at faculty members who wish to reflect on and explore current and relevant university teaching practices in order to improve the quality of their teaching. 

Learn more about the Certificate in University Teaching

Training and assistance

At the beginning of each semester, we offer a series of training events that cover Brightspace, instructional technologies, teaching strategies and more. Browse our upcoming training events.

You can also visit our lab, where experts can answer all your questions about learning technologies, course design, and more.

Need help with Brightspace? Use the 24/7 help service.

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