Podiums in registrar classrooms

The latest generation of classroom podiums gives you control over classroom AV equipment and allows you to engage students both in-person and remotely.

The control centre of your classroom

The guidelines below explain how to use this equipment effectively. The TLSS can provide podium orientations to faculty. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at saea-tlss@uOttawa.ca.

Accessing AV equipment

An access card is required to use the equipment, swipe it on the reader before starting the system from the control panel and to access the accessories stored inside the podium

Activating classroom systems

  • At the podium or credenza, swipe your access card over the reader. From the nearby touch panel select your preferred language and confirm you wish to start the system. A brief warmup period will follow.
  • The computer at the podium will be selected as the default output. From the login screen you may select your preferred language, if the computer was left logged in in another language, simply log off from the Start menu and log back in with the desired language.
  • Where present, the instructor microphone will be located inside the podium or credenza you unlocked with your card. Remove it and turn the device on to use. You may mute it through a control on the touch panel if needed. When finished please turn off the device and return it to the charging cradle.
  • When the system is active, all available outputs will be displayed on the touch-screen and can be chosen simply by pressing the respective icon. Almost all classrooms have a full-size HDMI input; remember to bring a cable or any adapters you may need if you are planning to bring your own device.

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  • If you have selected a source and the projector shows a blue screen, check the visible AV devices to ensure the device you selected is powered ON. If the device is turned on, re-select the source device from the touch panel (simply touch the icon again).
  • If it is the room PC and you are getting a blue screen, try moving the mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard – the computer may be in Sleep mode.
  • You may also dial extension 5900 (using the phone available in the classroom) for immediate technical assistance.

Logging off and shutting down

  • Remember to log off the computer before you shut down the system. If you accessed personal accounts or other potentially sensitive information, use the padlock icon on the desktop to initiate a wipe of the computer
  • Important: When you are finished, please touch the PROJ OFF (projector off)  System off button on the upper right corner of the control panel (note: it will only appear after the system has been running for at least two minutes). 
  • Do not use the PICTURE ON/OFF (the eye icon in the lower left), like the mute function it is only intended for momentary use and the system remains active, and prolonged use will cause damage to the equipment.
  • Remember to turn off the equipment and return the accessories to the secured storage. Make sure the microphone is properly seated in the charging dock (an indicator will light up on the dock).

Immediate support in the classroom

For immediate help in a classroom, please dial:

A courtesy phone is provided in all classrooms supported by TLSS.

  • For immediate assistance with classroom equipment dial 5900 or call 613-562-5900 from your phone.
  • For lost password/password reset or SSO issues, dial 6555 or call 613-562-5800, ext. 6555 for central IT
  • For emergencies dial 5411 or call 613-562-5411 for Protection services (5499 / 613-562-5499 for non-emergencies)
  • For heating/cooling, leaks, non-functional lighting etc., dial 2222 or call 613-562-5800, ext. 2222 for Facilities (significant damages should be reported to Protection)

Non-urgent inquiries about classroom equipment may be made to saea-tlss@uOttawa.ca