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Bolster your teaching with the wide range of teaching technologies supported by TLSS. Organize your course, create and share content, engage, assess, and follow your students' progress.

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When embarking on a journey to pursue a university course, it is imperative to ensure that your computer meets certain minimum requirements. These requirements are the backbone of your academic success, as they directly impact your ability to engage with course materials, complete assignments, and participate in virtual learning environments. On the following IT webpage, you will see the essential computer specifications and hardware components necessary to navigate the demanding world of university-level programs. Whether you're a prospective student or looking to upgrade your existing setup, understanding these minimum requirements will help you make the most of your educational experience. Let's dive into the key considerations for your academic computing needs..

Teaching technologies supported by TLSS

Virtual Campus (Brightspace)

Virtual Campus, powered by Brightspace by D2L, is your starting point for teaching and learning at uOttawa. Find and interact with your course material and a whole lot more. 


Syllabus design (Simple Syllabus)

Design your course syllabus quickly and efficiently with Simple Syllabus. Save time by using pre-filled templates with essential syllabus sections and content, including University regulations and more.

Learn more about Simple Syllabus

Web conferencing tools

Deliver lectures and course content to remote students in fully online, bimodal or blended courses via Zoom or MS Teams. Hold virtual office hours, other meetings and more.

Learn more about Zoom and MS Teams

Read the guidelines for recording of students


Classroom participation (Wooclap)

Engage your students in class or online. Assess how students are absorbing material, what they're thinking and identify trends in a matter of seconds. Features include polls, snap quizzes, multiple choice questions, number finding as well as the ability to provide correct answers to assess overall levels of understanding.

Find out how to use Wooclap in your class 

Dynamic course capture (YuJa)

Manage and organize all your courses' video and media assets within a secure, cloud-hosted video repository. The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers convenient and powerful capabilities, including drag-and-drop organization, deep search-inside-video, auto-creation of Brightspace-linked video channels, etc.

Learn more about YuJa

Read the guidelines for recording of students


Academic integrity (Ouriginal and Respondus)

Put academic integrity first. Ensure students adhere to the foundations of fairness, honesty, equity, respect, responsibility and courage with the help of these essential tools. Ouriginal detects textual similarities between student work and a wide variety of sources. Respondus is the gold standard for secure, fair online exams.

Learn more about academic integrity tools

Other technologies

Other useful technologies

Check out this list of teaching technologies (not supported by uOttawa or TLSS), including resources from eCampusOntario.

Discover other recommended teaching technologies




Teaching tools

A set of open-source teaching and evaluation tools will facilitate your work as an instructor. From student workload to mid-term evaluation.

Discover available tools

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