Class participation (Wooclap)

Encourage student participation in all types of courses by easily creating different interactive activities.

What is Wooclap

Wooclap is a class and audience engagement tool. Rich with a wide variety of interactive polls, questionnaires and quizzes, the platform transforms your students' existing devices (mobile phones, laptops, tablets) into powerful, interactive, and engaging learning tools. Wooclap helps you measure and improve students’ understanding and to provide students with immediate feedback.

Wooclap can be used in face-to-face, online, or bimodal courses. Over 500,000 higher education professors and trainers all over the World are using Wooclap to engage students with their learning. Wooclap’s platform was designed in collaboration with colleges and universities in France and Belgium.

Benefits of Wooclap for your class

How to use Wooclap

Discover below how to prepare, host and analyze your event. For each step, you will how-tos, guides and documentation from TLSS and Wooclap. 

1. Before Class

For best results, prepare your Wooclap events well in advance to be ready the day of the class.

The document below details connecting to Wooclap via Brightspace (recommended) or via  

Download the PDF file.

2. During Class

Now it’s time to engage your students as they answer questions, and give feedback.

Once given access to the Wooclap event, students can actively engage with their learning.

Download the PDF file.

3. After Class

You can now analyze your students’ results and plan the next steps.

Obtain an overview of an event's results as a grid or a report.

Documentation on Wooclap website.

Full Wooclap guide

photo of a classroom with students from the back looking at the screen shown to them by their teacher with the results of a poll.

The guide details how to: 


  • Connect to Wooclap 
  • Create a Wooclap event 
  • Adjust the settings of a Wooclap event 
  • Start and give access to a synchronous event 
  • Host a synchronous event. 

Tutorial videos

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Wooclap help and support

photo of a classroom with students from the back looking at the screen shown to them by their teacher with the results of a poll.

Advice and answers 

Get advice from the Wooclap team to learn how to use the tool in a distance learning setting.


Wooclap blog

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