Other teaching technologies

Explore other commonly-used teaching technologies and software to support university teaching.

Here you will find a list of learning technologies that you could use. The first two are offered for free by eCampusOntorio. The others are open source applications or require the purchase of a license. The University of Ottawa does not support these learning technologies. They may not meet all of the University of Ottawa's accessibility, security or privacy regulations. If you use them, it is your sole responsibility.

eCampusOntario tools

eCampus logo

One stop shop to create, share, and discover interactive learning objects. This site uses H5P, an open source plugin, to allow content authors to easily create interactive content for their courses or other instructional projects. 


Search Ontario’s collection of open textbooks or create your own. Find a textbook ready-to-use with your learners or identify one you would like to adapt and customize for your course.

Please note
The technologies listed below are often used in post-secondary institutions. However, they are not supported by the University of Ottawa and the TLSS. If you choose to use them, you must have advanced technical knowledge and ensure that their use does not violate the University of Ottawa's accessibility, privacy and bilingualism rules.

Interactive whiteboards

Miro logo

Interactive whiteboard for collaboration and visualization in your course or amongst colleagues. Intuitive interface. 

Mural logo

Web-based collaborative interactive whiteboard software ideal for class groupwork, visualization or other projects.

Audio and video production

Logo of Audacity application

Easy to use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, macOS and Linux. Audacity is free and open source.


Suite of tools to help you with almost any audio or video editing task, as well as PDF and file conversion tasks.

Logo of Screen-o-matic application

Screen capture tools to help you easily create, edit and communicate with videos and images. Simple and intuitive tools to share your ideas.