Syllabus design (Simple Syllabus)

Gain efficiency by taking advantage of the pre-established template to quickly build the main elements of your syllabus.

What is Simple Syllabus

Simple Syllabus is a cloud-based, template-driven syllabus platform designed to make syllabi easy to create and to support consistency across the university community. It provides easy-to-use, dynamic templates, which include guidance on best practices and applicable academic regulations. Syllabi are published in an accessible web format that can be added directly into Brightspace or exported as PDF files.

Benefits of Simple Syllabus

Simple Syllabus increases efficiency by leveraging frequently used content to build key components of your syllabi automatically. These components are organized into syllabus templates and are used to ensure consistent messaging around such things as:

  • class schedules,
  • office hours,
  • textbooks and readings,
  • policies,
  • teacher biographies,
  • etc.

Simple Syllabus also allows you to standardize and reuse content sensitive to accreditation, such as learning objectives and the course outline. While most syllabus templates will heavily utilize components, Simple Syllabus also helps engage content owners – giving them the ability to quickly and easily personalize their syllabi directly within the learning management system using the template.

How to access Simple Syllabus

Find how-tos and gain access by logging directly into the SImple Syllabus portal below. Use the same credentials as your uOttawa email (uO Single Sign On credentials).